There is "reasonable doubt" that natural gas delivery through Ukraine might be diminished in the upcoming winter season, so cutting delivery for some categories of consumers in Romania and having thermal energy units use oil fuel may become necessary, according to Romania's national agency regulator ANRE.

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A document in this regard posted by the National Authority for Energy Regulation (ANRE) and quoted by news agency Agerpres on Wednesday comes after the Energy Ministry also invoked such a possible situation in May this year. The ministry at the time also spoke of other options like restarting unprofitable drills.

But the document posted by ANRE was removed from the website and shortly replaced with one which drops the segments referring to the possibility that Russia reduce its gas transit.

According to the initial ANRE document, quoted by Agerpres and other media, in case of reduced gas transit through Ukraine there is a risk that not all consumers have deliveries secured, so categories of consumers may be cut.

The document said in case of such a situation a cut in deliveries of natural gas through Ukraine would affect the whole region including Hungary and B ulgaria, which would have their security mechanisms activated in order to protect their own consumers.