A primary school in a Southern Romanian town has been destroyed as three children broke everything that got in their path for three hours earlier this week, according to reports emerging on Friday. It appears that the three became enraged after one of them turned angry because of a music toy which, while thrown away, continued playing its tune.

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The three, aged 8, 9 and 10 respectively, destroyed everything from a heating station to the doors and bathrooms, as well as the several classrooms of the school in the town of Clejani, Giurgiu County, South of Bucharest.

Local mayor Florin Nidelea told HotNews.ro that damages were yet to be fully established on Friday, but well exceeded RON 40,000 (some EUR8,500). He said 30 people were involved in cleaning operations so that pupils return to school on Monday after several days off.

The children cannot be held responsible, but parents are due to cover the expenses, according to officials.

Some 150 students are studying at the school.