The chief executive of major Romanian energy company Transelectrica appears to have falsified his diploma in engineering which he listed in his resume, Transelectrica sources have told Previously, education news website has reported that the executive, Marius Danut Carasol, has falsified his resume data.

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  • UPDATE Carasol is expected to be dismissed on Thursday. Transelectrica said in a press release it would act according to proof of studies that the manager was expected to submit on Wednesday.

The website reported that Carasol attended the Electronic technologies faculty of the Politehnica University in Bucharest for two years, but did not graduate it.

Sources said he mentioned in his resume that he had a diploma in engineering, after having concluded faculty courses in 2005.

Suspicions that he had faked his resume data started circulating earlier this week. The Economy Ministry, which is a major shareholder in Transelectrica, took note of the situation two days ago but has yet to make a decision about it.

Carasol was named head of Transelectrica for an interim period in June 2019, with his term due to expire in october. But he's been working with the company since May 2018 as manager of the Bucharest transport branch.

His resume shows he'd worked as an electrician between 1993-2006 and, after having obtained the so-called diploma, started holding various management positions in energy companies.