The manager of major Romanian energy transport company Transgaz has claimed in the official resume published by the company that he holds a diploma for long term oil and gas engineering studies. But the university that manager Ion Sterian indicates in his CV says he attended courses there for a shorter period and he was the recipient of junior engineering diploma.

CV Ion SterianFoto: Hotnews

Ion Sterian reported in his resume that he attended long term studies at the Oil and Gas University in Ploiesti, a city northof Bucharest, between 1978-1983. But, according to information, he holds a diploma for "under-engineer", or a sort of "junior" engineer - a diploma that used to be awarded for shorter engineering studies.

The University has confirmed the information and said he attended courses between 1980-1983.

Contacted by, Ion Sterian said he knew that the period of 1980-1983 was the one included in his official resume. He said in a text message he was abroad and could not talk.

The case comes to light shortly after it was revealed that the former head of Romanian energy company Transelectrica, Marius Danut Carasol, has falsified his diploma in engineering. Carasol was eventually dismissed from the job.