Some 7,000 murderers, rapists, burglars are reportedly at large on Romanian streets as some 21,049 inmates have been freed through compensatory appeal introduced by Social Democratic (PSD) government, claims an opposition politician quoting official data.

Florin RomanFoto: Facebook

Liberal deputy Florin Roman used his Facebook page to present data resulting from an official reponse he has received from the Justice Ministry at his request.

He says the number of inmates freed before due time based on rules imposed by the PSD government is up by 3,000 since June. He says the number stood at 21,049 on September 18.

He writes on Facebook: "943 murderers, 110 criminals involved in sexual contacts with underaged people, 2,300 burglars freed before due time and 35 people sentenced for bribery are now roaming free on the streets of Romania. Just as worisome is the number of rapists who were freed - no less than 634."

The Liberal politician said his party was urging the PSD under PM Viorica Dancila to move for the urgent annulment of the compensatory appeal.