A teacher of Turkish origin teaching English at a Bucharest high school was retained by Romanian police based on an extradition warrant issued by the Turkish authorities, the high school announced in a press release. An extradition is only possible, however, if a Romanian judge approves it.

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  • UPDATE The Bucharest Court of Appeals rejected the extradition of the Turkish teacher later on Wednesday.

Teacher Busra Zeynep Sen has been teaching English at the ICHB international computer sciences-focused high school for two years, the institution announced. She married Husein Ervin, who has Romanian citizenship and also teaches at the school, a year ago.

The school, which is largely supported by Turkish people living in Romania, says Busra has legal permit to live in Romania and nothing in her activity would justify the extradition request. It says her only "guilt" is that her father, Turgay Sen, was president of the Orizont (Horizon) schools in the Republic of Moldova and authorities in Ankara have been hunting him after he escaped an arrest attempt on the Chisinau Airport in March 2018.

The teacher, aged 24, is exppecting a verdict on the extradition request at the Court of Appeals in Bucharest.

This comes as a Turkish teacher in Bosnia Herzegovina was also retained at the request of authorities in Ankara several days ago but the extradition request was rejected. Turkish authorities have also issued recently a warrant to retain some 260 people for alleged links to the Gulen movement, with another warrant just issued for another 221 people.