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International Security expert Jonathan Eyal:

The EU policy in the Kosovo case is stupid

de Radu Rizea
Miercuri, 20 februarie 2008, 13:15 English | Top News

Jonathan Eyal, director for international security studies at Royal United Services Institute, declared on Wednesday that the EU policy towards Kosovo lacks any inspiration, claiming that if it could be described in one word, the word would be "stupid". At the same time, Eyal says that Romania, which refused to recognize the independence of the newly founded state, should maintain "technical relations" with Kosovo, NewsIn informs.

Eyal added that it is no one's interest to have the EU blocked or even failing because of this issue. The situation requires a constructive position, supporting the EU, even though the policy is not very inspired, said Eyal.

"In case the new state issues passports, these passports must be honored, so that its citizens may cross the border. A Romanian commercial office may be opened or maintained in Pristine. There is no need for a situation of permanent disputes on the legal status of Kosovo. Romania's line must remain more on a principle and legal level", said Eyal, who promotes the idea of maintaining a technical relationship between Romania and Kosovo.

The British expert qualifies as "bizarre" the Western position that claims Kosovo to be a different case, which will not create a precedent. Eyal believes that Putin will not use the situation in his favor, because he doesn’t need to, but will blackmail countries like Georgia and Moldova, threatening not to recognize in the future such enclaves. 

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