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Romanian Football League boss speaks of 54 million euro offers for broadcasting rights for upcoming 1st League seasons

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Vineri, 29 februarie 2008, 9:55 English | Top News

Mitica Dragomir
Foto: Rompres
Romanian Professional Football League boss Dumitru Dragomir announced on Thursday that the bidding for the broadcasting rights over the 1st League matches in the upcoming seasons will take place on March 31.

Bidders will have to pay 5,000 euro only to take part in the bidding, with the worksheet costing 40,000 euro. Talking about the broadcasting rights and the price estimated, Dragomir said that he aleady had two offers of about 54 million euro.

Media sales professional Cristi Parvan told that the sum is huge and nobody can get this amount from advertising. He added he did not expect the investment to be covered and that the possible buyers should be looked somewhere among top 300 richest Romanians.

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