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Former Spanish Ambassador to Romania: In 1992-1997 diplomatic corps in Romania needed to meet in secret spot so no one could spy on them

de A.C.
Luni, 10 martie 2008, 12:04 English | Top News

Former Spanish Ambassador to Romania Antonio Ortiz Gacia has revealed the way he used to hold talks with other foreign ambassadors to Bucharest between 1992 and 1997: they used to gather in a special room, named the Faraday room, where they were protected of any interception attempts.

In an interview presented by Romanian monitoring agency Rador, the former ambassador describes an untrustworthy climate in Romania in its first years of transition. He argues that the regime, at the time was pre-democratic since relations with the EU did not advance in any way.

The diplomat talks about his weekly meetings with all European ambassadors in the Faraday room - where their talks could not be intercepted - to talk about daily issues and reports they set up to be submitted to local Romanian authorities.

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