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GSM antennas: Romanian government suit themselves extra pay for radiations while Telecom minister says media is hysterical

de A.C.
Joi, 13 martie 2008, 20:02 English | Top News

Romania's Telecom minister Karoly Borbely has said that the GSM antenna radiations are just another artificial problem created by the media as several media reports on the issue proved largely popular over the past several days. However, the government pays its employees a 10% extra for the radiations caused by antennas. The Consumers Protection Association argues that the Telecom Ministry is about to misinform the public in their campaign.

The Telecom Ministry will start next month a public information campaign to inform the population on the radiations caused by GSM antennas. Thus, the campaign's goal is to raise awareness among citizens that radiations coming from GSM antennas do not affect their health.

Officials argue that they will receive all the necessary information from the European officials on all measures and strategies undertaken in other Euopean countries on the issue. Telecom Commissioner, Viviane Reding argues that the level of permitted radiations in Romania is very low, as compared to European standards.

The European commissioner declared in Bucharest on Thursday that GSM antennas do not affect the health of the people, as stated by some 500 scientific studies undertaken over the years.

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