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Osama bin Laden threatens EU

de Radu Rizea
Joi, 20 martie 2008, 9:04 English | Top News

The leader of the terrorist network al-Qaida, Osama bin Laden, warns the European Union that a price must be paid for the cartoons representing Prophet Mohamed published two years ago in Denmark. The warning was confirmed as belonging to Osama by the US SITE center, specialized in surveying Islamic websites.

In the five-minutes long audio message, bin Laden says that publishing the cartoons was a crime and an insult, and that the price to be paid for it will be great. The message was published along with a picture of Osama, carrying a machine gun.

Ben Venzke, analyst at IntelCenter, another site specialized in surveying Islamic websites, considers that the message is a clear threat for the European Union states and that a major al -Qaida attack may follow.

The message comes at the moment when five years went by since the war in Iraq has begun.

The cartoon published by a Danish newspaper shown the Prophet with a round bomb and a fuse instead of a head. The cartoon caused a massive riot in the Islam, ended with 50 people dead.

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