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Nokia deal makes Liberals and Democrats friends again

de Radu Rizea
Joi, 20 martie 2008, 14:33 English | Top News

Former allies in the last elections, Liberals and Democrats (who recently became Democrat Liberals), once again speak in one voice. Unfortunately, it happens only in Cluj and only when it comes to the Nokia investment. The head of the County Council, Liberal Marius Nicoara, and Democrat mayor Emil Boc both try to improve their image on the affair and, at the same time, denounce in one voice the Anti-Graft Prosecution's investigation on possible terrain frauds in the area.

The logic is simple: he who attacks Nokia, attacks us. But the investigation opened by the National Anti-Graft Prosecution Office (DNA) refers to those who could benefit (financially) from the investment, meaning both Liberals and Democrat Liberals.

- In brief:

- Those unveiling data about the DNA investigation are not DNA prosecutors, but local officials and the head of the County Council himself, Marius Nicoara. On Tuesday evening, Nicoara convoked a press conference, announcing that DNA investigates the way the County Council and Nokia put up their association.

- DNA informs that the investigation does not refer to the investment, nor to the way the contract was negotiated, as it resulted from Nicoara's statements but to "the circumstances in which natural persons bought terrain in Jucu, before the factory was relocated and the association contract was signed, because suspicions exist that privileged information was used".

- Mayor Emil Boc consequently organizes a press conference, claiming that he has signals that "a political manipulation attempt is taking place. unfortunately, a simple judicial investigation may compromise the future success of the city of Cluj. There are jealous people who are not from Cluj and who are interested in having a conflict taking place here".

- Both persons known as close to the Liberal party and the Democrat Liberal mayor in Jucu are suspect in corruption acts aimed at earning from terrain speculations in Jucu.

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