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First day of NATO Summit in Bucharest

de A.C.
Miercuri, 2 aprilie 2008, 7:57 English | Top News

Today Bucharest will host the first day of the NATO Summit ever organized in Romania, considered a historical event not only for our country but also for NATO as an organization. The event brings together 24 heads of state, 26 Prime Ministers and other NATO officials to deal with important issues that are to shape the international scene.

NATO's agenda for this Summit comprise the expansion of the organization, ally operations in Afghanistan, energy and cyber security and defense strategies. Several decisions are still to be negotiated like Ukraine's and Georgia's possibility to join NATO structures.

Moreover, it is still unclear whether all candidate countries expected to join NATO - Croatia, Albania and Macedonia will actually be invited to do so. Concerning Afghanistan, all member states agree to supplement troops there, but the political support in some countries is very weak.

Radio Romania Actualitati informs that the Summit might end up addressing another sensitive issue, namely that of the anti-racket shield position. Romanian officials argue that they hope NATO will agree that other countries outside the NATO shield area be protected by the shield.

Some 50 foreign official delegations are due to arrive today on the Bucharest International Airport to attend the Summit. Yesterday, some 10 official delegations have arrived, including US President George W. Bush.

Today, US President George W. Bush will attend a meeting with President Basescu at Neptun, a seaside resort at the Black Sea and they will visit together the American Military base at Kogalniceanu in Constanta, South East Romania.

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