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NATO Summit

US President George Bush sees his visit memorable

de A.C.
Miercuri, 2 aprilie 2008, 10:08 English | Top News

US President George W. Bush made his first declarations within the NATO Summit framework organized in Bucharest, on April 2-4. The White House leader started his speech by greeting Romanians in their language and underlined that his last visit in Bucharest was memorable, referring to the rainbow that appeared on the sky during his speech then.

President George Bush touched upon several important issues, linking both sensitive issues on the Summit agenda and Romania's importance for the Alliance. Moreover, Bush argued that Russia is not NATO's enemy, on the contrary.

Thus, Bush pleaded for the anti-racket shield in Europe, which Americans push for against the Russian wishes. Plus Bush argued that in his view, the three countries - Croatia, Albania and Macedonia should be invited to join NATO structures.

US President reaffirmed Romania's importance in sustaining NATO troops in Afghanistan and appreciated the courage of the Romanian soldier, Aurel Marcu who recently died there. He reiterated his administration's strategy on the war on terror.

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