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International Press: Bush provokes Putin

de A.C.
Miercuri, 2 aprilie 2008, 16:33 English | Top News

American President George W. Bush provoked his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin through his insistence to sustain Georgia's and Ukraine's possibility to join NATO, The Independent reads. Russia already proved that such an attitude only leads to even more pressure on the existent tensions between Moscow and Washington.

Washington Post suggests that Bush has a secret weapon against Putin since he continuously endorses those issues that tense the relation between the two superpowers. Thus American journalists argue that a tacit agreement between the two might sprang up: Bush ignores the level of democratic development in Russia or its nuclear plans while Putin agrees to the missile shield.

Financial Times reads that Ukraine and Georgia will most probably be granted access within the Alliance in 2010, since the situation is too tense at the moment. Moreover, the Guardian agues that the Bucharest Summit will not see the two countries join NATO as France and Germany are just two other opponents of this idea.

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