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Vladimir Putin at Bucharest NATO Summit: Rossia willing to mediate Arab World conflicts, to discuss missile shield with Putin in Sochi

de V.O.
Vineri, 4 aprilie 2008, 14:45 English | Top News

The results of Russia's collaboration with NATO depend on how the allies take Russian interests into account, Russian President Vladimir Putin said after the Russia-NATO Council in Bucharest on Friday. Putin spoke with hardly any comfort about the presence of a military block - NATO at Russia's border and said he would speak to US President Bush about missile shield plans when they meet in Sochi tomorrow.

What Putin said in Bucharest:
  • Russia evaluates the results of the Russia-NATO Council positively as talks were led by the urge of compromise
  • Council talks today were constructive
  • Russia reached an accord with NATO by which Allied troops can transport non-military equipment to Afghanistan through Russian territory
  • Russia and NATO worked together actively in the fight against terror
  • There are attempts at establishing a cooperation of Russia-NATO forces on civilian emergency operations
  • NATO enlargement does not boost Russia's trust in NATO and may jeopartize Russia's relations with allied states
  • There is a possibility that a Middle East Peace Conference be organized. Russia wants to mediate conflicts in Arab world
  • A new round of Cold War is not possible
  • Putin will talk with George W. Bush about the missile shield plans in Sochi this weekend
  • There aren't any major aspects to divide Russia from Europe; there may be interests on returning to the past, but Russia, the US and Europe don't want such a thing
  • Concerning the breakaway region of Transdniester, Russia was told to either withdraw its troops from there or destroy heavy weapons deployed in the area. Russia did wat was requested from it in the Instanbul Convention
  • The idea that NATO is a tool to bring democracy in a country is not true
  • Talks with NATO officials were open and constructive, not a ping-pong exchange of accusations
  • Joining NATO does not mean a country becomes democratic automatically
  • The NATO role of bringing democracy was not proven factually
  • NATO is a major partner for Russia
  • Russia is a state that can provide for its security needs independently from other organizations
  • Russia is interested in developing its military power further
  • It is hard to fight terrorism without Russian involvement
  • The missile shield system is a system against Russia
  • As I'm getting closer to the end of my 10-year stay in power, I believe I had accomplishments and successes
  • The years of my presidency meant a return of Russia as a strong and prosperous nation

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