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Romania has the lowest cereal production in the EU but PM Tariceanu plans to push Romania to become the second agricultural power in the EU

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Marţi, 8 aprilie 2008, 16:06 English | Top News

Romania, next to Bulgaria, has the lowest cereal production per acre in the European Union, 3 tons/acre and estimations reveal that the situation will maintain, despite the agricultural potential of the country, an EC Directorate General for Agriculture study shows. However, PM Tariceanu wants to push Romania to become the second agricultural power within the EU, after France by using European funds.

Overall, Romania's cereal production will grow modestly until 2014 than initially anticipated in previous studies, with an annual average of 0.8% between 2008-2014. In EU 25, thus excluding Romania and Bulgaria, cereal production will grow by 2.4 tons/acre in 2006 reaching 5.1 tones/acre in 2014, the study reveals.

Both Romania's and Bulgaria's agricultural contribution at the European level was way below the potential of the two countries, due to the severe draught that hit the country. However, the study reads that the situation will change steadily and will start growing due to favorable European market conditions.

PM Tariceanu declared, in the last couple of weeks that he plans to push Romania to become the second agricultural power in the EU, after France. He added that by 2013 some 10 billion euro are available for this sector where 8 billion come from EU funds that will completely change the status of our country in this sector.

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