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Romania Constitutional Court decision to change adoption law disadvantages children

de A.C.
Joi, 10 aprilie 2008, 20:04 English | Top News

Biological parents will be able to oppose the adoption of their children until a court rules otherwise and will be able to blackmail the adoptive parents. Moreover, children might find out before due time that they are adopted. These are some of the important consequences of a Romanian Constitutional Court decision in the case of a challenged adoption. State Secretary for social problems Theodora Berzi told that the amendments to the legislation might encourage corruption and prejudice the interests of the children.

Bertzi argues that until now biologic parents did not have any right to argue against the decision, once a court ruled in the case. They could appose the adoption in the preliminary phases of the process but even so, the courts were due to take into account the superior interest of the child.

However, now, biological parents have the right to intervene at any moment, thus leaving plenty of room for pressure and blackmail. Bertzi thus argues that corruption will flourish even more under the new regulations.

Moreover, the address and location of both biological parents and adoptive ones are listed on official documents, thus biological parents can show up at the door any moment. Therefore the child can find out they are adopted anytime.

Romanian Adoptions Office general secretary Gabriela Popescu argues that the Constitutional Court's decision is based solely on one single case ruled in Timisoara, West Romania where one father could not challenge an adoption until he could prove his fatherhood.

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