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"Mobile telecomm and  health" campaign:

IT&C Minister: Mobile technologies used in Romania are the same as those used in the European Union

de Radu Rizea
Marţi, 15 aprilie 2008, 17:11 English | Top News

The Communication and Information technology (IT&C) Ministry launched on Tuesday the "Mobile telecomm and health" nationwide information campaign, which will take place Bucharest and 15 other cities. The purpose of the campaign is to inform correctly on the relation between the use of mobile phones, the GSM antennas radiation level and the health state. "The technologies used in Romania are the same used in the European Union", IT&C Minister Karol Borbely emphasized.

The minister ensured his audience that the rumors on dangerous radiations being emitted by GSM antennas are simple misleading data and qualified the general opinion on the issue as "hysteria". The measurements made on a block of flats without GSM antennas and one with antennas revealed that the radiation level was the same, the minister indicated, at a level between 50 and 100 times lower than the average level recommended by the European Commission.

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