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eBay thanked Romanian and American authorities for catching Romanian hacker Constantin Duiculescu, a.k.a Vladuz

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Vineri, 18 aprilie 2008, 12:14 English | Top News

eBay publicly thanked both FBI, US Secret Service structures and their Romanian counterparts for arresting Romanian hacker Constantin Duiculescu, also known as Vladut who allegedly caused damages of about 2 million euro to the portal in three years. However, eBay representatives say that Vladut did not really manage to cause so much damage. 

eBay CISO Dave Cullinane said that Romanian authorities have done everything in their power to arrest Vladut. He added that his arrest was a living proof that eBay protects its clients. Local Romanian authorities said that Duiculescu is accused of illegally accessing email accounts of eBay users in 2005-2007.

eBay users were fooled by a false internet site that looked exactly like the real eBay. However, the internet site was used to fish for information such as credit card numbers and passwords. The total damage estimated by some sources amounts to 2 million euro.
eBay representatives managed to contact Duiculescu undercover, pretending to be interested to purchase his application. eBay representatives agreed to purchase the kit and gave his real address which lead to his arrest.

eBay officials submitted an official complaint against Vladut on February 28, 2007 and mentioned a total prejudice of almost 1 million dollars. On March 30, 2007 local authorities received several documents informing about the frauds committed by a hacker named Vladut.

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