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EUMAP report: Romania's audiovisual sector lacks diversity

de A.C.
Vineri, 18 aprilie 2008, 16:18 English | Top News

Romania's audiovisual sector registered weak performances over the past several years from the point of view of diversity and pluralism, despite all reform attempts since Social Democrats were removed from power in the 2004 elections, a new monitoring report from the Television across Europe: Follow up Reports 2008 series shows. The report is set up through the EUMAP program of the Open Society Institute.  

The report continues a previous study initially published in 2005. Back then, the report covered 20 markets but the current one only covers 9 European markets. By Friday, April 18 only the reports on Albania, Bulgaria, Lithuania and Romania were published.

The report on Romania speaks of the control that four major media players have on audiovisual market , the decisions of whom are most often political and business-oriented in essence. Moreover, the report underlines that the Parliament did not offer enough transparency in its commissions dealing with the audiovisual sector.

Another shortcoming is that Romanian competition authorities and audiovisual regulators fall short of any control instruments that would manage to set things right on the market. Until further improvemets are made, Romania's audiovisual sectors remain the playground of some media tycoons.

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