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Freedom House: Romanian media partially free

de V.O.
Miercuri, 30 aprilie 2008, 18:30 English | Top News

Romania comes 94th worldwide in the newly released Freedom House report on the freedom of press, which presents the media in the country as partially free. Romania accumulated 44 points in the FH scale in 2007, compared to 42 in the previous report, which placed it 90th worldwide.

Freedom House mentions that the election of President Traian Basescu in 2004 led to considerable improvement in the political environment for the media, but the head of state is also sanctioned for his repeated verbal abuses against journalists. The report says the Romanian media was under less political control than under previous presidents.

Romania fares worse than countries like Bulgaria, Serbia or Hungary, but considerably better than former Soviet republics including Russia, Ukraine and the Moldovan Republic.

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