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Journalist from Cluj spends whole night in the House of Parliament without being noticed

de A.C.
Luni, 5 mai 2008, 9:44 English | Top News

An investigation reporter from Informatia de Cluj, a local newspaper in Cluj, Central Romania has spend a whole night in the House of Parliament without being noticed by security guards or other workers. Alexandru Covasa and the newspaper's director, Florin Otrocol entered the House of Parliament for an official visit together with a group of foreigners in mid-April. However, Alexandru Covasa got lost and later decided to see whether security guards will notice him. 

Covasa declared for that he drank coffee at a bar, visited all floors of the Parliament and made a lot of pictures. He says he passed nearby security filters but still he remained un-noticed. In the following morning, he called his friend who came and picked him up from the main exit as if nothing happened.  

The young journalist says his escapade should trigger an alarm signal since terrorist acts could easily take place at the headquarters of the Parliament, the most important institution of the Romanian state. Even if the building is considered to be the second largest building in the world, after the Pentagon, security filters are not secure enough.

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