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International food crisis may have impact on Romania

de A.C.
Marţi, 6 mai 2008, 12:08 English | Top News

As food prices rise significantly across the world, Romania might be just another country to be affected by this wave since its food price products grew by 10.82% over the past year. While Agriculture Ministry officials assure citizens that harvest stocks are sufficient, producers argue the contrary. Prices however are estimated to rise by at least 10% in the near future. 

Agricultural production in Romania decreased in many fields due to drought and caused food prices to increase. In the same time, the demand remained stable or in some cases even grew which naturally lead to an increase in prices, Agriculture Ministry counselor Constantin Rudnitchi explained for

As issues are still confusing on the domestic market, the international perspective seems clearer: cheap food products will soon be history, UN rapporteur on food rights Olivier de Schutter declared. The organization warns that high prices will throw some 100 million people in hunger. In the same vein, the IMF and the World Bank talk about emergency measures necessary to help agriculture develop in developing countries to counter the possible hunger problem.

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