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Judges do not believe that files are attributed randomly

de Radu Rizea
Vineri, 9 mai 2008, 12:27 English | Top News

Half of the Romanian magistrates believe that the files presented in court are nor randomly attributed, a study conducted by the Public Policies Institute reveals. Recent cases indicate that the random attribution system can be by-passed and some jurists explain that there are quite a few methods to chose the judge one needs for a certain file.

- From the keyboard: a file may reach a certain judge through the ECRIS electronic system by modifying some parameters or be keeping the files locked for a while;
- The displacement: some files are displaced and attributed to certain judges by the members of the High Court of Justice and Causation, for whom there are no clear legal rules;
- Replacing judges: another method to "take care" of a file is to keep changing the members of a panel of judges until the desired judge and the file meet;

The method of randomly attributing the files to judges was adopted in order to reduce the corruption in the system, fueled by a long history of practice in which some files were directed to certain judges.

According to the Public Policies Institute study, roughly half of the magistrates who answered the poll (50.1% of the prosecutors and 44.8% of the judges) believe that the random attribution system may be influenced or flawed. The same situation was previously revealed by a Transparency International Romania report.

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