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Branding guru Kevin Keller: Bucharest should be the starting point for Romania's country brand

de Anne-Marie Blajan, transl. A.C.
Miercuri, 14 mai 2008, 17:11 English | Top News

Kevin Keller
Foto: Hotnews
Branding guru Kevin Keller declared in a interview that Romania's country brand might focus on the idea that Romania is a gate towards Eastern Europe with plenty of business and development opportunities. Bucharest could be the main ingredient in this project through its transformation in a sub-brand, he said on the margins of a branding conference he held in Bucharest. 

Keller advises Romania to envisage itself in a business perspective since business thrives in the country. He added that Romania needed to be portrayed as a hub for this European region.

He argues that Romania's brand must look towards the future since the past is doomed to be forgotten especially due to our Communist history. Basically a brand must convince other people that a country can raise up to their expectations and beyond.

Plus, he underlined the idea that Bucharest, as Romania's capital city is a good starting point for shaping the country's brand. However, it is just one ingredient which has to be related to others.

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