Romania president Traian Basescu emphasized on Friday, at the opening of a social and economic forum, that the Lisbon Strategy for development will be efficient only if Romania acts three main areas: education, rural infrastructure and investments in agriculture. The head of state has also asked for responsibility from the entire political class, so that Romania would adopt in 2014 the European currency, euro.

Traian Basescu pointed in his speech at several targets:

▪ labor with more productivity for higher wages;

▪ a good environment for successful investments of the populace savings;

▪ a more efficient consumption of energy;

▪ clear and simple laws, designed to cut down from bureaucracy;

▪ safe pensions and aid for vulnerable categories;

▪ improvements in the public policies system for a better support from the European Commission;

▪ development of the highways program and modernization of the railroad infrastructure.