Romanian President Traian Basescu met his Finnish counterpart, Tarja Halonen in Bucharest today. The two officials discussed important issues including the rights of the Rroma minority. Traian Basescu declared that Romania would not impose any circulation restrictions for its citizens, irrespective of their ethnic belonging.

Tarja Halonen and Traian Basescu both agreed that the Rroma community is a common European problem and thus a European level solution needed to be found. Halonen declared that the main problem to deal with concerning the Rroma community was not how to stop them from going abroad but how to educate them to behave as EU citizens.

Finnish President Tarja Harlonen declared that Finnish citizens were not arrogant but begging was not a job. She said that Finland has successfully managed its problems with ethnic members over there by integrating them into the society.

She underlined that begging is a shock wave hitting Finland. She added that Romania is mostly known for this phenomenon. Moreover, she pleaded for a solution to clean this stain that shades Romania's image abroad.