UPDATE. Romania ends key match against Italy with a draw. After a well fought game. Romanian famous football player Mutu scored in minute 55 but Italian Panucci brought balance to the game with a goal one minute later. Several hours later, Netherlands secured its qualification in the quarters with a clear cut score, 4-1 against France. The question is whether Romania will qualify now that Netherlands will play an unmotivated game against Romania.

Romanian players proved they can represent a real threat to other European level teams. However, the game did not pass without several missed opportunities. Mutu missed a penalty in minute 80, disappointing the fans gathered in Zurich to support the national team.

Before the start of the game, HotNews.ro estimated an equal 1-1 score. Seems that the initial forecast paid out.

Netherlands already secured its qualification after its first matches against Italy and France. As Romania will face it on June 17, all its hopes reside in an uninterested Dutch team that will allow Romania's national team to qualify.