Speculation has been intensifying about the Dutch pose in the match against Romania in Group C of Euro 2008 next week, when it will be decided who will accompany Netherlands further in the Championship - Romania, currently second in the Group, France or Italy. As French and Italian fans fear the Dutch would not mind losing against Romania, considering they're already in, Dutch player Rafael Van der Vaart dismissed talk of any sort of understanding that would have his team losing voluntarily against Romania.

Meanwhile, French Arsene Wenger of Arsenal London fame pushed speculation further on Sunday claiming that had he been the coach of the Dutch national team, he would let Romania qualify in the Euro 2008 quarters despite that would mean he would lose the respect of his players.

But Van der Vaart, whose team managed to defeat both the champion and the vice-champion of the world gaining 6 points in Group C already, told Dutch media that they would never consider losing voluntarily against Romania as they were not afraid of possibly meeting France or Italy again in the semifinals.

Romania will meet Netherlands simultaneously with France-Italy on Tuesday, June 17.

For his part, Romanian captain Cristi Chivu said his team were eying to defeat Netherlands and "send France and Italy home", but they did not expect any present from Van Basten's team.