Romanian national team coach Victor Piturca congratulated his players for their performance at Euro 2008 despite their loss against Netherlands on Tuesday, which sends Romania home. Captain Cristian Chivu says his team cannot do more at a time when international media says Romanians played with fire.

Victor Piturca told Romanian public television TVR the national team left Euro 2008 heads-up and said they had a breakdown on hearing Italy was leading against France by break time. He congratulated players for their performance in the European Championship.

Captain Chivu said after the match that his team could not overcome their condition: "We were running a lot, trying to recover, we're like ants. We have to acknowledge our limits - we can't do more!" He said working a lot and passing to Mutu to try and do something with the ball is not enough and the lack of experience counted most for failing to reach the quarterfinals.

Mircea Sandu, the head of the Romanian Football Federation, said he was disappointed by the performance of the team against Netherlands. "We should have qualified by the time of the match with Italy. I am disappointed for not having the courage to win. They played with their substitutes and we were afraid of victory", he told the Romanian public television on Tuesday night

French coach Raymond Domenech told M6 television following the defeat against Italy that all he was thinking about was his marriage to his lover, Estelle. "In such moments, I need her", he said.

Gazzetta dello Sport: Millions of thanks, Netherlands! The paper thanks the Dutch team for the qualification of Italy in the quarterfinals of Euro 2008. It believes the miracle that awoke Squadra Azzurra was the Huntellar-Van Persie duet, who sent the Romanian team home.

L-Equipe: Romanians played with fire and got burnt. The paper reads that the Dutch had promised they'd play well and kept their word while Romanians, used to waiting as they had done against France, haven't ever leave the impression they can take they fate in their hands.