Health Minister Eugen Nicolaescu believes that a public debate regarding the abortion, only one day after the Ethical Commission in the Cuza Voda Maternity in Iasi decided to approve the abortion of a 20-weeks fetus of an 11-year old girl raped by her uncle.

Nicolaescu wants to establish the legal limit for abortion, according to the fetus age.

The doctors in Piatra Neamt, where the girl lives, recommended the abortion, considering that the girl was too young, but the doctors in Iasi opposed the recommendation.

"When the law was made in Romania, no one ever though we would meet such situations. Maybe we need to make legislation modifications, in order to allow the legal medical intervention and to interrupt an advanced state of pregnancy, in which the fetus may prove viable. A public debate should be organized, to see what the Romanian citizens say, what the Church says, what the politicians have to say. We all have to participate in finding a solution. But this should be a part of the Romanian society, not someone's decision", said Nicolaescu.

Eugen Nicolaescu mentioned that he doesn't challenge the decision of the Iasi clinic doctors, who oppose the abortion - and, as a minister, considers the solution as legal.