The House of Deputies gathered today in order to vote in favor or against the opening of a criminal inquiry against former Prime Minister Adrian Nastase and former Transport Minister Miron Mitrea, after the Juridical Commission issued a vote against the inquiry, thus stirring a lot of controversy in the media and among the civil society. Although 250 deputies were present at the beginning of the session, 219 votes being required for a valid vote, only 208 of them voted today, thus rendering the result of the vote completely void.

The next vote for the matter will most probably take place in autumn.

Liberals and Democrat-Liberals announced they will all vote in favor of launching the criminal inquiry. Far-right Greater Romania Party announced they will vote in favor of the investigation of Mitrea and against the investigation of Nastase. Social democrats and Hungarian Democrats refused to take sides and didn't say what they would vote for, while Conservatives were the only ones to openly say they would vote against the criminal inquiry.