According World Bank's "2008 Worldwide Governance Indicators" study (WGI), Romania controls the corruption in the same measure as countries like Lesotho and Trinidad Tobago, has a political stability similar to Rwanda and a governance efficiency comparable to Guyana. The study, including 212 countries, evaluates the governance on six criteria: rule of law, corruption control, choice and responsibility, political stability, governance efficiency and quality of regulations.

In the "rule of law" chapter, Romania ranks 140th out of the 212 states, being surpassed by Bulgaria, India and Chile, but ahead of Russia, Mexico or Belarus.

In "corruption control", Romania is 136th, equal to Lesotho and Trinidad Tobago, worse than in 2006, but considerably better compared to 11 years ago.

In "political stability", Romania is 104th, much lower than in 1996, but better than in 2006. Romania is surpassed here by Aruba, Botswana, Estonia and Kazakhstan.

In "quality of regulations", Romania is 71st, a slight better than in 2006 and a lot better, compared to 1996.

Romania also ranked 82nd in "choice and responsibility" and 99th in "governance efficiency".