Senators decided on Wednesday that news programs broadcast by radio and TV stations must include an equal number of positive and negative news. The law draft, tabled by far-right Senator Gheorghe Funar (Greater Romania Party) and Liberal Deputy Ioan Ghise was unanimously adopted by the Senate.

The initiators claim that the suggestion aims at "improving the general climate and to offer the audience the chance to have an well-balanced perception f the everyday life, both psychological and emotional".

The two parliamentarians say that the negative news lead to nervous breakdown and chronic diseases. The law draft was rejected in the House of Deputies but, in this matter, the Senate has the last word. The Romanian Press Club (CRP) demanded president Traian Basescu not to promulgate the law.

What does it mean? Politicians answer:

- Petre Daea, Social Democrat: "I agree with the draft and I support it because it is necessary. During the past years, I have seen only negative news, which inoculate and present the chaos, the depravation, the dark side of life. I haven't seen news on agriculture, let's say, how the fields are worked, nothing positive from education or economy".

- Gavrila Vasilescu, conservative: "I don't like to watch TV and see nothing but violence. I switch channels immediately. Information - yes, but only accidents, tragedies, catastrophes... I get sick. I wish to see good things, to promote our country's image, to educate the youth and offer them role-models. I would like to see horticulture news and shows, what it means to take care of a plant..."

- Mario Ovidiu Oprea, Liberal: "It is a law draft with good intentions and aims at creating a well-balanced atmosphere in all news programs (...) but a difference had to be made - no one expects positive news from politics, for example".