The 11-year old Romanian child who got pregnant after being raped by her uncle will leave for London this week to have an abortion. The intervention will be conducted in a specialized hospital and will cost about 1,700 sterling pounds, Romanian news television Realitatea TV informs.

The mayor of Piatra Soimului town where the child and her parents live declared that as far as he knew, the girl and her mother would leave this week. He added that the family bought everything they needed for the trip.

Initially, the girl was supposed to have an abortion in another hospital in Britain but the hospital did not have a license to conduct an abortion for girls less than 12 years old.

A Health Ministry commission decided that the 11 year old girl can have an abortion in Romania after local doctors declared that she would have to go on with the pregnancy as the medical intervention would be too dangerous for the mother.

The Commission explained that this decision has been taken since it involved a little girl and since she was the victim of a sexual abuse. Moreover, specialists argued that the foetus has a 1% chance of survival.

Nonetheless, even with a positive recommendation from the Commission, doctors can refuse to conduct an abortion since the College of Doctors will not protect them in front of the law if something happens to the girl.