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More laptops stolen on US airports than sold in Romania annually

de A.C.
Marţi, 1 iulie 2008, 19:40 English | Top News

Some 600,000 laptops disappear in American airports annually, especially during security checks, a study reveals, quoted by Travelers are advised to install security systems that can localize the laptops when the person who stole the laptop logs on the internet.

The study was made for Dell and shows that many people are ashamed to report their laptop stolen because they did not comply with some basic rules.

Annually, in big and medium sized American airports, some 637,000 laptops are reported stolen especially during security check up, a Ponemon Institute study shows. 77% of those surveyed declare that they do not think they can retrieve their stolen laptops and half of those questioned declared that they had confidential information in the laptop.

Airports are, next to hotels and parked cars the best places where thieves can steal laptops, the US Federal Trade Commission declared.

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