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UK documentary: Romanians live in corruption starting at birth

de Radu Rizea
Vineri, 18 iulie 2008, 11:25 English | Top News

Romanians face the corruption phenomenon even before they are born, the rotten apple being the politicians - this is the central idea in a documentary made by a British production house, Journeyman Pictures, recently posted on

The 7-minutes film called "Corruption in Romania" starts as a journey through the life of a Romanian, who faces corruption even before birth, then focuses on political corruption, "Romania's greatest problem". "They don't tell you that you have to pay bribe. You already know you have to give something", a pregnant woman says in a hospital.

With age, Romanians find out you have to pay to buy an apartment or to start a business. In football, the corruption is already at a high scale.

But the main problem, the documentary indicates, is connected to politics, where "most politicians are corrupt, one way of the other", according to Transparency International. A central figure of the film is former Justice Minister, Monica Macovei, who says that one can't eliminate the corruption in a country with corrupt politicians who hold the power.

The conclusion of the documentary is that the ones fighting against corruption remain confident, having the support of the entire population, the civil society and some of the media, as well as the support of the European Commission.

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