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Romanian girl who lost her hearing can now hear again after a surgery in St. Louis, US

de A.C.
Luni, 21 iulie 2008, 14:35 English | Top News

Francesca Burcea aude din nou
A Romanian little girl diagnosed deaf following an illness can now hear after a surgery undertook in the American city of St. Louis, FoxNews informs. Francesca Burcea, aged 1 year and 6 months suffered of meningitis and remained deaf. A St. Louis American doctor decided to take over the case and, after an implant surgery, the little girl can hear again.

Francesca is now a lively three-year old little girl. She was only 18 months when she got meningitis and lost her hearing. The disease affected her internal year and her parents realized only after two months that their little girl cannot hear anything.

As they were unable to treat her in Romania, the parents managed to contact the St. Louis University Hospital. Dr. Anthony Mikulec decided to take over the case and concluded that an implant with a hearing device was needed. The 65,000 dollars device was donated by the producing company, thus offering Francesca her ability to hear.

Francesca will be hospitalized for a couple of months in St. Louis where doctors will help her adapt to her new hearing device and enable her to start speaking.

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