Romania's Prosecutors Association urges Superior Council of Magistracy head Lidia Barbulescu to publicly dismiss a declaration she made for Radio France International in which she said that prosecutors seemed more professional ten years ago. Barbulescu referred to a recent case in which anti-graft prosecutors decided not to continue a penal investigation in a file where former ministers Codrut Seres and Nagy Zsolt were involved for treason by affiliating to an international economic espionage group.

The Association accused Barbulescu of breaching law no. 304/2004 which rules that prosecutors and judges cannot express their opinion publicly on a case that is in progress. The Association ads that Barbulescu is not even updated with the case.

Ligia Barbulescu declared in a press release that she did not make public her opinion regarding solutions needed to be taken. Moreover, she declared that the final solution could be very good as long as it remains definitive. What caused this case coming to media attention was that prosecutors gave out a solution for an act which does not exist. Such actions, she concludes, can only weaken the judicial system.