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European Commission: Reconfirming Anti-Graft head is a test for Romanian authorities

de Radu Rizea
Joi, 31 iulie 2008, 12:00 English | Top News

The European Commission warns that the re-confirmation of Daniel Morar as head of the National Anti-Graft Prosecution Office (DNA) will be a test-case for the renewed commitments of the Romanian authorities, mainly considering that the European institution constantly underlined the good results of DNA, said EC spokesman Mark Gray, in a statement for NewsIn.

"We have seen the comments published by the Romanian media, quoting so-called sources in Brussels, referring to the reconfirmation of Morar as head of DNA. Our position is very clear. We expect the reform process to go forwards, not backwards. We constantly emphasized the good DNA results and the importance of institutional stability in investigating files and in initiating investigations in high-level corruption cases. Reconfirming the chief prosecutor will be a test for the renewed commitments of Romanian authorities", said Mark Gray.

The mandate of Daniel Morar expires on August 12, but Justice Minister Catalin Predoiu has the possibility to reconfirm him for a new mandate.

Newspapers said this week, invoking sources in Brussels, that the EC is not interested in who is the head of DNA, as long as the institution has results.

Maintaining Morar as head of DNA is also supported by Drago Kos, head of the Group of States against Corruption in the European Council (GRECO). Kos declared on Wednesday that replacing Morar would weaken the institution.

On the other hand, the main Opposition party, Social Democrats, threaten to submit a censor motion in case Morar is not replaced. Even the governing Liberals believe, according to vice president Crin Antonescu, that maintaining Morar would be a move against their own image.

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