The energy and food price growth, along with the global warming and its effects may lead to a new wave of instability and violence outbursts worldwide, during the next ten years, a Millenium Project report indicates, as quoted by AFP.

Despite the dark prognosis, the 2008 report of the international research institute emphasizes that the progress in science, technology, education, economy and administration will allow the world to function better than it currently does.

The report underlines 15 global challenges, from water and energy to organized crime and ethics.

The research institute identified 46 countries, adding up to 2.7 billion inhabitants, which confront a high risk of armed conflicts and other 56 countries, adding up to 1.2 billion inhabitants, which risk political instability.

The experts also warn that the world will need a double amount of food in 2013, compared to today, which involves the use of more water, land and fertilizer.

The report emphasizes on the fact that 37 countries already confront food crisis caused by the increasing demand in developing countries, the price rise, the use of crops for obtaining bio-fuel the increasing price of fertilizers and the market speculations.

In the same report, global demographics indicate a population growth from the current 7.6 billion people to 9.2 billion in 2050, followed by a maximum of 9.8 billion, then a population decrease to 5.5 billion in 2100, according to United Nations estimates.