Over 50 Russian military airplanes are flying over Georgia targeting the state's capital city, international news agencies inform on Monday morning. Russian airplanes bombed Tbilisi's International Airport causing 'some' material damages. Moreover, Gori town, in Central Georgia is now officially targeted by Russian attacks, the Georgian Interior minister informed quoted by AFP.

Moreover, Georgian officials declared that the Russians launched air attacks against a military objective near Tbilisi where at least two bombs were heard exploding.

Russian military air force spokesperson, contacted by AFP refused to confirm the information declaring that official announcements will be made at a press conference in Moscow at 12 pm, Romania's time.

On Monday morning Georgia continued to bomb South Ossetia's capital city, Tskhinvali, despite the official cease of fire made on Sunday by the Georgian President, a Peacekeeping Russian official declared, quoted by Interfax.

Meanwhile, the American President condemns Russia's disproportionate military reaction in the crisis, Reuters informs.

Russian military commander Alexandre Novitski quoted by Interfax declared on Monday that Russia is getting ready to deploy some 9,000 soldiers in Abkhazia in order to strengthen the peacekeeping forces present in the region, AFP informs. Abkhazia authorities declared on Sunday state of war starting Sunday, 11pm for a part of its region.

European Union officials declared that humanitarian aid will be send to support all civilians affected by the crisis, AFP informs. This aid should cover all expenses on medical assistance, water, sanitary equipments, food, blankets or emergency shelters.