Russians urge Georgian military troops to retreat from Abkhazia and cease fire on Monday morning, Russian commander Serghey Saban announced quoted by AFP. He declared that he demanded all Georgian troops located in the security area which divides Georgia or Abkhazia to surrender their arms between 7 am and 10 am, local hours.

Georgian officials rejected the ultimatum and declared that nobody will surrender their arms, Georgian minister Temour Iakobasvili. French President Nicolas Sarkozy will meet his Russian counterpart on Tuesday at Moscow in order to negotiate a cease fire agreement between Russia and Georgia, the French Foreign Affairs minister Bernard Kouchner declared.

Kouchner added that after meeting the Georgian President, his insights is that Georgia is ready to sign the cease fire agreement and resolve all issues peacefully. The French peace-making plan seeks the immediate cease of fire, military retreats from cities occupied before August 6 and Russian respect over Georgia's territorial integrity.