Russian President Dmitri Medvedev decided to cease fire against Georgia, Russian press agencies informed, quoted by AFP. Medvedev urged the army to destroy its enemy if new aggressions arise. Medvedev added that, from his point of view, the target was complied with and Georgian officials need to sign a peace agreement.

He added that the safety of the Russian army and civilians in the area is secured and the aggressor was punished. Moreover, he said that Georgian troops are scattered around the territory. Moreover, he threatened that the aggressor will be destroyed if the latter will not cease fire.

Gori city was bombed on Tuesday by Russian troops, AFP informs. Several people died and many others are injured. University buildings are on fire, Georgian PM Lado Gurgenidze declared. Plus, a powerful explosion was felt at Tbilisi on Tuesday, at 12:10 pm local time, an AFP journalist informs.