The drama of a 32 year old Georgian man and his family can be depicted from the exclusive interview taken by our correspondent Miruna Cajvaneanu. Zurab accepted to talk about the situation in which his family was out of a sudden found only if his name would not be mentioned.

After studying abroad, Zurab returned in Tbilisi to marry and have his own family. He has a four year old little boy and expecting another one. Initially, he was supposed to be in Prague in a previously scheduled plan. However, he postponed it: Georgia is at war now.

Zurab describes the feelings that invaded their hearts and minds on August 11, 12 pm local time when bombs kept waking them up. He specifically points out that the worse day was on Monday, August 10 when authorities announced that Russians advance towards Tbilisi. A general panic could be felt: people were afraid of Russians taking over the city.

Thus, everybody expected the worse to happen, many decided to leave the country while others are still waiting. Zurab declared that there were many people who wanted to take their economies from the banks but the government decided to close them down to avoid general panic.

Zurab explains that the only way to inform themselves is the television as Georgian websites cannot be updated. He declared that he prefers to read the news online from BBC or CNN even though he cannot know anything in real time.

Zurab confesses that his family is ready to flee to Armenia or other close by countries in case events take an awful turn. His four year little boy is scared but luckily, he says, he does not understand what's happening.