This weekend Romania's representatives at the Beijing Olympics secured another three gold medals. On Saturday morning, Susanu Viorica and Andrunache Georgeta won the gold medal at canoeing. On Sunday, both athlete Constantina Dita Tomescu and gymnast Sandra Izbasa triumphed.

Constantina Dita Tomescu ran alone in the last 20 km of the marathon, with a final time of 2 hours, 26 minutes and 44 seconds. Her performance was signaled by the most important news agencies in the world.

Apart from the gold medals, the 8+1 canoeing competition found the Romanian team on the third position, adding a bronze medal to the country's reputation. Another favorite for the podium was Marian Dragulescu whose performance on Sunday classed him on 7.

Nonetheless, the game is not over for Romania, since the Romanian handball team will face Hungary in the quarters and have every shot to qualify for the first place.