Romania's agent before the International Court of Justice, Bogdan Aurescu declared in a interview that, finally, after 40 years of distress on the Black Sea's continental plateau, an official decision is expected soon. Aurescu represents Romania in its case against Ukraine over the Black Sea continental plateau as the conflict seems to be heading towards a final resolution. Aurescu adds that the process will soon mark its final stage, as the two involved countries, Romania and Ukraine will have the right to make their final statements on the issue.

Aurescu declared that this upcoming stage is crucial because the opinions will be made completely public. Moreover, he underlined the fact that the Court's due decision is final and compulsory. Aurescu added that a final decision will be expected in 2009.

Aurescu warns that the decision does not rule on the Serpent's Island issue even if Ukrainian officials attempt to prove the contrary. Moreover, he explained that the issue regarding the continental plateau is not a territorial one but it's a typical case of maritime boundary.

Thus, the current case present at the court deals with the continental plateau but the 100 billion natural gas resources and 10 million tons of oil which the plateau has is not a criteria taken into account by the court.