Romanian incumbent Labor minister Paul Pacuraru declared, in a speech to defend his case in front of the Senate on Tuesday that, after he became a minister, some 11 files were instrumented against him of which two were penal. Pacuraru, on the name of whom investigators demanded parliamentary approval for a criminal inquiry, warned his colleagues that any parliamentarian could be investigated at some point. Senators met in an extraordinary session to approve or not inquiries on the files instrumented by anti-graft prosecutors against Pacuraru and ex-minister Codrut Seres.

The minister declared that in 38 years of work no one complained against about his activity but after he became a minister, some 11 files were set up against him. The minister declared that he is not guilty and has no problem to urge the Senate to approve the investigation.

A parliamentary Judicial Commission concluded that the file against Paul Pacuraru is non-conclusive and confusing. Moreover, the Commission's main conclusion is that anti-graft prosecutors failed to include all information in the file. Either this, or the whole file is based upon estimations and suspicions.