The former head of Romania's telecom regulator ANRCTI Dan Georgescu submitted on Tuesday a complaint against Romanian PM Tariceanu's decision to dismiss him, Romanian news agency NewsIn informs. The PM signed last week the decision to revoke Dan Georgescu as telecom regulator chief and replaced him with Dorin Liviu Nistoran.

The European Commission declared for that it currently analyzes both the reasons of the decision and the objectivity of the institution. Dorin-Liviu Nistoran, named on August 21, seems to be involved in several companies active on the telecom market, a fact that may affect his impartiality.

Asked by for an opinion on the latest evolutions, the European Commission's spokesman for Telecommunications, Martin Selmayr, answered that the Commission will analyze the grounds for the dismissal of the former president and the impartiality of the new one.